Monday, February 4, 2019

The Lowest of the Low

Today, our Mountain Sky Conference pilgrims traveled to the lowest point on earth. We floated in the Dead Sea and also visited Masada, a fortress built by King Herod. Some of us went to a light show depicting the history of Jerusalem. We ended our night with a talk by our United Methodist missionary in Palestine Rev. Kristen Brown. 

Mary Gilland, 1st UMC Colorado Springs, CO:

A Quick Synopsis of my Israel Trip

In Bethlehem where Christ was born,
We saw where shepherds quaked.
Where our Lord Jesus gave his life,
And Mary’s heart would ache.

The garden where disciples prayed,
Where they shared the bread and wine
That Jesus blessed and told them
To repeat time after time.

We walked the steps that Jesus walked
While carrying his tree.
Where he fell and got back up again
To truly set us free.

We saw the steps where Jesus taught...
Prayed at the wailing wall.
Saw Herod’s thrones and Jesus tomb
I can’t describe it all.

We walked a hundred miles a day,
Or it seemed that way at least.
Three times a day we fed ourselves  
cuisine of the Middle East.

I’m glad we took this journey,
With the new friends that we met.
So much to learn about our faith, 
A trip I’ll not forget.


At the Dead Sea

Marv Baber, Colorado Springs, reflects on his time here:

Rev. Dr. Youngsook Kang:

Wanted to walk the “Via Dolorosa” one more time.  After we came back to the hotel, JinHo and I quickly walked back to the Old City of Jerusalem through Damascus Gate, which is located near the Arab local market place.  “Via Dolorosa” is just a few minutes from the Gate. 

United Methodist Missionary in Palestine, Rev. Kristen Brown, met with our pilgrims and shared with us more about the Israeli-Palestinian history and her ministry here. 

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